Micro-Nano-Opto-Mechatronics Engineering Technology aims to enhance the core value of the functionalization of Opto-electro-mechanical systems and conducts basic and original Micro-Nano-Opto-electromechanical system design, research on new principles, new technologies, and new equipment for manufacturing and control. Focusing on the integration of Micro-Nano-Opto-mechanical electronics, the laboratory has developed four closely related and mutually reinforcing characteristic directions:

1. In the direction of Nano-surface science and engineering, propose and explore new principles of Opto-mechanical-electrical integrated Nano-surfaces induced by low-energy electrons and new processes for controlling optoelectronic properties of Nano-surfaces;

2. Micro-Nano advanced manufacturing engineering direction, put forward and focused on the development of new Micro-Nano-level precision processing principles, processes, and equipment;

3. The direction of Opto-electromechanical detection and control engineering, focusing on proposing and solving common, basic detection, drive, and control scientific and technological problems in high-end Micro-Nano manufacturing equipment;

4. Micro-Nano photonic technology and devices, proposing a new mechanism and application of the interaction between light and matter at the Micro-Nano scale.

The team members in the four research directions are strong in scientific research. Famous scholars and outstanding young people are the academic leaders, and most of the young talents with overseas study backgrounds are the main scientific research force. The team structure is reasonably distributed, and the cohesion is strong. In short, the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Micro-Nano-Opto-Mechatronics Engineering Technology relies on Shenzhen University, mainly to solve important technical problems in the integration of Micro-Nano-optical-mechanical-electrical integration in Guangdong Province and to establish an international scientific research base that gathers and trains outstanding talents for international academic frontier fields. This will surely promote the process of Micro-Nano-optical-mechanical-electrical integration and sustainable economic development in Guangdong Province.