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The College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering of Shenzhen University can be traced back to the Department of Precision Instruments of Shenzhen University, which was established in 1984 with assistance from Tsinghua University. There are currently 96 full-time teachers, including 28 professors (including 9 full-time specially-appointed professors, 2 academicians of the Japanese Academy of Engineering, 1 national science and technology innovation leader of the Ten Thousand Talents Program, 1 winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and a national outstanding 1 winner of the Youth Science Fund Project). There are 29 associate professors, 91 of whom have doctoral degrees, and more than 60% have overseas study or work experience.

The college currently has 1,220 undergraduate students and 856 full-time master’s and doctoral students. There are currently 3 undergraduate majors in mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation (Guangdong famous brand major), automation (Guangdong characteristic major), and robotics engineering; 2 first-level discipline master's programs in mechanical engineering, control science and engineering; 2 mechanical and electronic information professional master's program; two second-level doctoral programs in optomechanical engineering and application, intelligent system and intelligent manufacturing. Other research platforms include the Guangdong Key Laboratory of Micro-Nano-Opto-Mechatronic Engineering Technology, the Guangdong Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Control and Intelligent Robot, the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Mold Advanced Manufacturing Technology, the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Control, and the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of High-performance Special Manufacturing.