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The School of Mechatronics and Control Engineering has two first-level discipline master’s programs in mechanical engineering and control science and technology, two second-level disciplines of Opto-mechanical electrical engineering and application doctoral programs, has established the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Micro-Nano-Opto-Mechatronic Engineering Technology, Shenzhen Advanced Mould There are four key laboratories, including the Key Laboratory of Manufacturing Technology, the Key Laboratory of Electromagnetic Control Technology in Shenzhen, and the Key Laboratory of Urban Rail Transit Technology in Shenzhen. The college has five research institutes: Precision Machining and Forming Technology, Nano Surface Science and Engineering, Human Factors Engineering, Electromagnetic Control Technology, Power Electronics, and Electric Energy System Control Technology.

In terms of scientific research, the work of the School of Mechatronics and Control Engineering is not only oriented to the international frontier of mechanical engineering but also aimed at the country's major needs. Technology, Nano surface science and engineering, forming materials science and engineering, electrical machinery and power generation systems, human factors science and engineering, power system technology, etc. to cultivate high-level talents. The advantages and characteristics of scientific research work are mainly reflected in: (i) a close combination of basic research and engineering application, a high level of basic research, and strong engineering ability; (ii) a research team with a reasonable structure, high quality, and the ability to fight tough battles; (iii) multiple scientific research platforms with superior conditions and unique characteristics. The college introduced the teams of Professor Diao Dongfeng and Professor Qu Xingda and introduced outstanding young talents from home and abroad, gathering high-end talents at all levels for scientific research.

Since its establishment, the college has completed nearly 100 national, provincial, municipal, and enterprise cooperative scientific research projects. The average annual research funding in the past five years has been 10 million Yuan, and more than 350 SCI papers have been published annually. The college has purchased over 200 sets of advanced scientific research and teaching instruments and equipment for more than 50,000 Yuan. The total value of fixed assets, such as instruments and equipment, exceeds 110 million Yuan.